Tuesday, December 30, 2008

ANGELS SING...IN PINK! ; smashbox rapture travel brush collection

I'm an addict for makeup brushes. Seriously. I bought several this year, and have decided to invest on quality ones. I surfed the net for great finds, and have purchased a few. Then during a visit to SM Mall of Asia, I saw the limited edition Smashbox Rapture Travel Brush Collection at Beauty Bar window just as I left with my purchases in tow. I secretly wanted the set ever since I saw it at the Smashbox official website and they were OUT OF STOCK!!! *dies* I was surprised that Beauty Bar would have it (I just get to go home during my vacation...so sue me.) in the first place, and nearly fell flat on my face when I learned that it was worth PhP2,400 ($49 in the US)! It was more than my measly bank account could take, and it gave my wallet a heart attack.
I dismissed it once I got home, because it'll be gone after the holidays are through since it is a limited edition piece. *le sigh*
BUT! *drum roll please!*

The prettiness...haha! Pic taken on our leather couch. :D

My dad had gotten the last set that The Beauty Bar at Alabang Town Center had, and I was so thrilled that he did! It's an advanced 20th Birthday gift to me (which will be on April), and is my first Smashbox claim!

The brushes are a pink and cosmetic addict's dream come true! They come with a beautiful quilted carrying case that's perfect for beauty on the go. The package includes a face/blush brush, contour + liner brush, blending brush, eye shadow brush, and smudger brush. So for those who'd like to know my review, read on:


1.) The carrying case is so lovely with the quilted design that it screams chic. It was really pretty along with the pink theme of the brushes that it'll glam up any travel bag!

2.) The brushes are of a perfect size, and the cost in comparison to other brushes is just right. For someone like me, its tag is a bit over the top, but in terms of other brands, its affordable. Believe me, I fainted at how much one MAC brush costed. So this set can be a great gift for any stylish girl in a budget!

3.) For beginners like me, the contents of this 5-piece set is just right for all your makeup needs. It isn't over the top, and you wouldn't be confused which to use where. :)


1.) The feel of the brushes don't scratch or catch on the skin, but its softness still doesn't compare to those from MAC or The Body Shop. My TBS blusher brush is absolute heaven on my cheeks!

2.) Not really ideal for tree-huggers and vegan makeup junkies. I believe that according to the official Smashbox site, the face brush is made goat hair. So for those who want to use nothing but Taklon and synthetics, you'd might want to shy away from these. Plus, since animal hair can harbor bacteria, the brushes are a bit high maintenance when cleaning is involved in comparison to those with synthetic bristles.

Overall, my rating would be: 4.5 out of 5

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