Tuesday, January 6, 2009

TIP OF THE DAY ; brush care 101

Okay, I'm currently taking a break from studying to have some of the beef and mushroom my aunt made. I swear, they're the best this planet has ever had. Haha.
So now, I'm posting a little something I've learned now that I'm gaga for all things makeup, especially brushes. I have an affinity somehow! With my Smashbox Rapture brushes (which are still in the plastic within the box!), I'm off to getting the Eco Tools 5-piece set and the Mineral Makeup brush set. (Sidenote: My friend Nikka wasn't able to get her hands on them when I asked her to buy me some because they ran out in the THREE Target stores she went to in Houston. I told her it was okay, so our neighbor's son is ordering for me at Amazon.com)
All of us who own blushes, powders, and eyeshadows obviously have brushes to apply the makeup. But like us they also deserve some cleaning up after days, weeks, months, or even years of use. We might think that the breakouts that we've been having on our skin is because of the powders. But little do we know, our brushes may be the culprit. Bacteria, dead skin, and debris from makeup are trapped in the bristles, especially of those made with animal hair. Cuticles in natural hair trap these impurities, and without regular washing can irritate and cause formation of acne.
For the seasoned makeup buffs, they have their own methods of cleaning their brushes. Shen from Shen's Addiction formulated her own brush cleaner, which I found very ingenious! :) But for someone like me who doesn't have time for pretty much anything, I have my own way of busting dirty brushes real quick.
1.) Gather your dirty brushes and poise them bristles down under running water.
*If this is done bristles up, the water might weaken the adhesive effect of the glue hidden in the ferrule and cause the hair to shed over time.
2.) Pour the proper amount of mild baby shampoo or mild soap on your fingers and lather on the bristles of the brush. I use Johnson's Baby Shampoo because it only has a faint scent and is very affordable. Plus, it has done wonders for my brushes!
3.) Then wash off the remnants of the shampoo/soap from the brush heads until no color remains on the water cast-off. Flick your brushes to remove any excess water and gently pat with paper towel/tissue.
4.) Rest brushes on a clean towel, or hang with bristles down at a well-ventilated area if you wish to have them dry off faster. It depends on the thickness of the hairs whether it dries quickly or not.
* Drying by hanging with bristles down maintains the shape of your brushes. If it were bristles up, the hairs of powder, blush, or stipling brushes will furl out and lose their density. Based on personal experience! Haha!
According to Essential Beauty Supplies, brush cleaning musn't be cleaned everyday. Here's their suggested time table:
Foundation Brushes: Minimum of once a week
Powder Brushes: Once a week
Blush Brushes: Once a week
Eyeshadow Brushes: Every 2-3 days
Liner Brushes: Every after use (especially if sealants are being applied)
Hope that was useful information!

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