Sunday, January 18, 2009

The Week's Swag Bag! ; Twilight Saga Box Set + Smashbox O-Gloss

Okie, it's past midnight, and no pictures yet because the battery for my mom's camera decided to go 'pfft'. So pics will be uploaded tomorrow night. :)

It's been a great yet stressful week due to my exams. But my dad totally made up for it because now I have the Twilight Saga Box Set!!! *GUH* I've waited for months for a new one to arrive, and my dad was so fortunate to grab the LAST ONE! (Much like the Smashbox Rapture Brush Set! Haha!) I'm so very happy, and my friend offered to buy my paperback version of the series. :D

Besides the gargantuan Twilight books, I went to Mall of Asia today to attend a seminar for nurses held by Ms. Joyce Black PhD, RN. We sat there from 9 AM to 4 PM listening to lectures on how to pass the NCLEX exams in the future after graduation. After declaring that we could all leave the premises, I made a mad dash with a male friend to Beauty Bar to grab myself the Holy Grail of all lip gloss:

I finally have my own tube of the SMASHBOX O-GLOSS!!! Yes!!!
It certainly cost a pretty penny aquiring it since they only had limited stocks left, and the prices have increased. From PhP959, it's now PhP1,050. But I was willing to hock up the cash for it since O-Gloss has gotten great reviews for its amazing effects on the lips. And they weren't lying! Once I applied it, I saw my lips turn into the most amazing shade of pink! I didn't have to put on lipstick! It's a purse must-have for every girl, and I didn't mind busting my wallet for this. *bounces*

I'm definitely getting a new one once mine runs out! :)

Review will be posted tomorrow!

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