Wednesday, January 21, 2009

TIGHT LIPPED ; smashbox o-gloss

I've never been a lip gloss nut as much as I've been a blush/bronzer and brush maniac. I guess I can count the number of glosses I've had in one hand since my obsession about makeup started. Probably 4. But now, one lip gloss has stolen my heart: SMASHBOX O-GLOSS.

My Smashbox O-Gloss against the top of my Twilight boxset... :)

I was intrigued by O-Gloss when I first saw it at the pages of Candy Magazine's December issue. It took quite a search to get my own tube of the much coveted Holy Grail of lipslicks because they're always out of stock. I couldn't believe the way they were advertising the product, that it transformed your kisser to a unique shade of pink depending on your skin's chemistry. It seemed out of this world! But I did have the urge to try it.

So last Sunday when I went to Mall of Asia again, I ran to Beauty Bar before my parents and I had dinner. As I mentioned in the previous post, I was surprised that it became a bit more expensive than before. But being me, I dished out the cash, and couldn't wait to slather some of that baby on my lips. So here's my verdict:


1.) It REALLY works! I was in awe that my pale lips suddenly turned into a shade of bright pink! My mom even asked me if I had put on lip stick, and I told her I didn't! Within a span of a minute, the product starts taking effect, and your jaw will literally drop at the results.


1.) It's a wallet buster. Nivea balm/gloss costs about 1/10 of the price of this baby. O-Gloss comes in a very small package, so it's a shame that it runs out easily when you use it everyday.
Final Verdict: 5/5 in my Swag Bag!

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