Friday, January 23, 2009

SWAG BAG Future Hauls + My Look-a-Likes

I usually celebrate victories from exams through shopping. I guess that's just me! Haha! But yeah, I'm looking forward to my soon-to-be hauls for my Swag Bag!

I've placed pre-orders for ECOTOOLS 5-piece brush set (after such a long time!) and PHILOSOPHY The Supernatural Mineral Blush Duo (in Pink/Bronze) to Zhandra Dy-Tan, and am awaiting her quote for them. :) After said purchases, I'll probably get an ECOTOOLS blush brush (a separate one for my makeup kit in school) and the PHILOSOPHY The Supernatural Mineral Foundation (which I wanted since I first saw it at Beauty Bar...).


I got my celeb look-a-likes and I'm glad to say I'm flattered to have Audrey Tautou and Grace Kelly! And I'm not surprised that a couple of Chinese actresses are on the list because my family from my father's side has roots from mainland China. :)

**NOTE: Mrs. Zhandra Dy-Tan takes pre-orders of US items for customers in the Philippines. So visit her Multiply account @ :)

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